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About me

Navigating my way in life, from my childhood in the mountains of Switzerland, through adventures in education, travel and motherhood, exercise for me has always been non-negotiable.


We are all looking for the same thing: we all want to be in a happier space and like ourselves more. . . Any one of us has got some talents, we just need to find out where they are, what they enjoy in life, how can we bring more laughter back into life.

Manuela Schmid

What My Clients Say

“ Manuela’s classes are always challenging, ever changing but always achievable. I love being outside when I exercise and that is a big part of why I’ve been coming for the last 4 years (including during the COVID-19 lockdown when Manuela put her classes online ). It can be intimidating starting a new fitness programme but I would encourage anyone (regardless of your current fitness, size or shape) to give it a go. Manuela is always encouraging and supportive, you’ll achieve far more than you thought you could, and you just might enjoy it too!! ”
Kath Goodyear

“I have been a regular client of Manuela’s for approximately 6 years. During our weekly small group training sessions in a park setting Manuela varies our exercise regime to keep things fun and interesting. We sometimes do things in pairs, sometimes as a group, or individually and no two sessions are the same. Manuela is great at mixing it up – some weeks we’ll do boxing, other weeks we focus on core work or upper body strength etc. I’m able to maintain my strength and fitness and Manuela is great at tailoring the exercises to the individual to accommodate our various needs e.g. previous injuries or specific individual requirements. I love that we exercise in the fresh air with a great group of ladies and many of us have become friends.”
Karen Law

I once used to say “I’m not a sporty person”… that is until I started classes with Manuela 6+ years ago. Today I am still doing weekly workouts, I’ve developed a pretty serious running habit (after some epic and adventurous weekend running classes with My Fit Life) and have even completed a half marathon (I would have laughed at that 6 years earlier!). I love that Manuela wants women to use fitness to empower themselves – she accepts all her girls as they are, encouraging them to be the healthiest, fittest and best version possible. I am so grateful to have such an inspiring and motivating person in my life… just don’t give any lame excuses for not turning up to class, she won’t have a bar of it!
Natasha Brodie

Manuela is honestly the most positive, motivating person I know.  She has a real knack of encouraging and inspiring her groups.  Manuela is interested in helping you be the best you can, not only by improving your fitness, but also your mental health.
I love my work outs with My Fit Life, as the groups are small and personal, and for that reason you are missed if you don’t turn up … definitely another motivator!  Its great working out with like-minded, interesting people, who like to enjoy a laugh while training.
Thanks Manuela, for being such an important person in my life.
Julie May

“’Manuela has supported the Residents of Odyssey House Chch each week in our Bootcamp.
She has gone above and beyond in her relationship with us and her enthusiasm keeps us all motivated.
A true Wonder Woman!”
Anna Christophorou – Operations Manager , Odyssey House

I been a client of Manuela’s for about 8 years and now she is also a close friend too. She has an amazing ability to encourage us to work hard, but also has a gentle and intuitive perception to recognize if we are going through a challenging period. Her workouts are always varied and interesting. I like being in a small group environment as this often encourages us to work harder and is also a great way to meet new people and maintain our social connections. I love being outside and exercising in the fresh air. Manuela supplies all the necessary equipment so all we need to bring is our enthusiasm and smiles (we do laugh a lot). She is always positive, caring and flexible. Our Zoom meetings over the Covid-19 lock down period, were well planned and ran with ease. She is accommodating to all age groups and can manage to work around all our little quirks, aching niggles and often changing work days. Come and join us!!
Janelle Knowles

Off Road Walking/Running Group

We meet each week at various locations around the Port Hills.

It’s a great way to explore the Hills and meet some like minded people. We start off with walking/running around 1 hour and move slowly up to 2 hours towards the end of the term. A great way to get fitter.

Give everything a go, but only pursue the ones that make you smile.

Contact me for more information on: 021 865 882

My Fit Life Classes

Pioneer/Centennial Park or Somerfield Park


Monday 6:15 pm – Small Group Training

Monday 7:00 pm – Small Group Training / Boxfit

Tuesday 9:00 am – Small Group Training

Wednesday 8:15 am – Odyssey House Group Training
Wednesday 6.15 pm – Small Group Training / BoxFit

Thursday 6:00 am – Small Group Training
Thursday 9:00 am – Small Group Training

Friday 9:00 am – Small Group Training

Programs and Packages available for individuals

Other times and classes available by request

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  • Enjoy the outdoors with an early morning, after school drop off, lunch or evening workout.
  • Choose your favourite park
  • Join an existing group or Invite your friends to start your own group.

Terms 2023


TERM 1 2023:  30th January – 6th April

TERM 2 2023: 24th April – 30th June

TERM 3 2023:  17th July – 22nd September

TERM 4 2023: 9th October – 20th December

My Fit Life Services

How best to get started on your health or health and fitness journey?
The first step is to get in touch to work out if I can help!

We can then discuss what might best suit your needs:

Health coaching: looking at habits and getting you started on your health journey
Health and Lifestyle Packages: individualized coaching and exersice programs (8-12 weeks)
My fit life exercise classes: overall body fitness and boxfit classes, these classes are held every week during school terms

Casual classes are available too

Don’t hesitate any longer – give me a call on 021 865 882 or send me an email on


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